KC vs. Philly – Thoughts so far …

4 first-half turnovers and it’s still only a 1 possession game as we approach the 4th quarter.  Does this say more about the Philly D or the KC offense?  I’m sure you’re all saying ‘a bit of both’ and I’d have to agree.

Philly has been moving up and down the field, accumulating 16 first downs to 10 for Kansas City (1:30 remaining in the 3rd).  Philly seems to be really sputtering in the red-zone.  Vick and Kelce seem to be on different pages so far.  Additionally, I’ve seen some really poor tackling from both side.

The KC offense seems to struggle the closer they get to the red zone, I’d like to see Smith take more shots downfield but I think we’ve been saying this for years.  Moving forward, I think both of these teams are going to be a force in their respective divisions: KC will rely on a tough defense, controlling the clock, field possession, and a steady dose of Alex Smith and Charles to get the job done.  Philly will lean on their offense to put pressure on the opposing offense, thus allowing their defense to hopefully defend a one-dimensional team that’s playing catch up.

Random thoughts:

  • The KC skill players do an AMAZING job of blocking downfield
  • The Philly offense is struggling in the red-zone
  • Smith continues to play smart, rarely taking ill-advised chances
  • Jamaal Charles is a grown man
  • Andy Reid looks like the Kool Aid Man in all that red… OH YEAHHH!!!

All in all, if Philly finds a way to stop shooting themselves in the foot and the defense continues to progress I think they’re going to make a lot of noise in the NFC this season.  If Kansas City gets a good amount of production from Smith and the running game they’re going to be knocking on the playoff door this year.


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