Packers at Bengals: What the hell did we just watch?

So, I sit here on this chilly Monday morning still trying to wrap my head around the debacle I watched take place in Cincinnati.  I don’t even know where to begin: the Green Bay’s defense Jeckyll and Hyde act, Cincinnati doing everything they can to let the Packers in the game in the 1st half, Aaron Rodgers looking like a shell of himself, or Cincinatti’s offense and how terrified they are of a short-field.

For Green Bay: I understand Jeremy Ross is a solid player and a good WR but good lord.  This guy is killing Green Bay with his special team’s play and the affect he has on field position.  I was cruising through the box score again this morning and saw 182 yards on the ground, how does an Aaron Rodgers led team blow a game in which they pick up 182 yards on the ground?  Finally, I think this will prove to be an anomaly for Rodgers; if any of you readers could provide the stats on what he’s done after a loss I’d really appreciate it! On a positive note, looks like the 3rd string RB (Franklin) will be ok, this should limit exposure to Jeremy Ross.  The lone bright spot was Jordy Nelson, he continues to be an acrobat on the sideline.  Also, for those wondering, the o-line was tough in the run game (against a tough Cincy front 7) and still shaky in pass-protection.

Defensively for Green Bay: The front 7 continue to be stout against the run game, giving up only 82 yards on the ground.  The secondary looked much better, giving up 215 yards through the air.  Sam Shields had an amazing day against AJ Green, limiting him to 4 catches for 46 yards and 1 touchdown on 8 targets, he also picked off a pass.  The defense, aside from a few long drives had a pretty good day.  The pass-rush looked a bit better as well as they were able to muster 4 sacks.

On the Cincy side, Andy Dalton, when not doing dumb things when the pocket breaks down continues to be a very reliable QB.  Dalton rarely takes ill-advised chances and I thought his accuracy improved significantly from week 2.  The offensive line needs to shore things up in the run game to make life a little easier for Dalton.  Eifert and Gresham were ineffective for the most part, not sure if this was something GB was doing or something with the Cincy gameplan.  Bernard had a great game, both running the ball and receiving, he’s a shifty runner who can also lower his head when he needs to.

Defensively for Cincy, the front 7 struggled in the run game but were able to get to Rodgers pretty regularly with the pass rush.  The secondary did a great job of limiting the big plays and helped contribute to one of the worst days we’ve seen out of Rodgers in quite some time.  Additionally, the Cincy defense did an amazing job on Randall (Reggie for those watching the game) Cobb, limiting him to 54 yards on 5 catches after being targeted 11 times.

Final thoughts:

  • I’m still baffled by this one
  • Mason Crosby had a solid day
  • Both teams did everything they could to lose yesterday
  • This bye week comes at a good time for GB
  • Cincy should move to 3-1 next week vs. Cleveland
  • Green Bay continues to be complacent with their playcalling when they’ve established a lead
  • Green Bay had 399 yards of offense while Cincy had 297, each team had 4 turnovers.

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