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Teaching Greg Oden How to Be a Benchwarmer «.

Solid piece from Mark Titus over @ Club Trillion.


The Pacers Are Not Back

The Jim Rome Show

To the question of whether or not the Pacers are back, the answer is pretty clear.  No.  Hell no.

Not after Washington cracked them 102-96 in a classic case of a game that wasn’t nearly as close as it indicated.  But it wasn’t all bad for Indy last night.  Check out Big Hibbs, finally showing up and going for 18.  18 minutes that is.

And by now, I’m sure you know how the rest of his stat line read: zero boards and the same amount of points I had.  I’m telling you, one of these nights; I’m going to find a way to outscore Roy Hibbert.

The man with the monacle didn’t hit any shots, but he did get lit up with potshots from a couple of former NBA’ers, Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas.  What?  Steve Francis and J.R. Rider didn’t want any of that.  McGrady tweeted the same scud…

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